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God Builds a Team to Impact the World

written by Jimmy Comeaux

Today was another long but exciting day for our team. It’s so clear that God is at work through His people in Hoima. It is also clear that the team of men He sent was no mistake. Each of the men serving Uganda faithfully on this trip was called for a clear reason.

Hoima suffers from land-wrangling, due to oil discovery… and God sent faithful lawyers on this trip. Hoima needs a precise message on how to resolve conflict… and God sent an engineer with experience in reconciliation/recovery. Hoima struggles from unhealthy marriages, divorce, and polygamy… and God sent a Re|engage leader. Hoima needs to have its leaders motivated/energized… and God sent one of our most dynamic young teachers. Hoima needs a vision and a strategy for the church… and God sent one of the most successful businessmen and servant leaders in our body. And He sent the perfect leader to prepare, guide, and encourage this group of men.

Today we had a larger crowd and had to move the men to a bigger room! These men are hungry for truth and have been so teachable. Today we taught God’s truth on the problem of evil/pain/suffering, leading organizations, a strategic vision for Hoima, marriage, and conflict resolution. We also had lots of fun with candy, Chinese handcuffs (a conflict resolution lesson), and our Bible timeline dance (including Farkle consequences in front of the hotel staff at breakfast).

The men have also been asking some outstanding and tough questions. We ended the day with a panel discussion to answer their questions. I’m so encouraged by the wisdom of our team to respond from Scripture even when faced with tough questions on family planning, polygamy, and the church’s role in politics.

Can’t wait to see what God has in store for us tomorrow!

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  1. Susan Roseon Feb 22nd 2017 at 10:27 pm

    Thanks Jimmy!

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