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Serve the Lord and Trouble Might Rain Down


written by Kari Kurz

Conference day two began with a cooler morning after a night of refreshing rain. The women greeted us with worship, singing, “This is the day that the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.” The English words backed by their beautiful Ugandan accents could not have been more fitting for our day. Our talks with the women today were Conflict, Parenting, and Health/Hygiene. Each session brought us back to the truth that we are broken vessels in the hands of a perfect Father.

Over and over we talked about humbling ourselves and pursuing Colossians 3:17.

These women thirst for truth. It seems God is giving us a taste of his joy in his children as we watch the faces of these women light up as they connect with the messages. Just as a proud parent watches a young child grow and learn, the Lord delights in us as we sit at his feet reaching for his truth rooted in love. I watch these women react profoundly to our teachings, but the reality is that they are reacting to the work the Holy Spirit is doing in their hearts. It is an incredible gift to be in front of these women, where I am given an unobstructed view at the work of our God.

Today was a good day. Truth was shared, questions were answered, our God was worshipped, and we all grew in our affections for Jesus.

When the Spirit moves, the enemy does too. Thankfully, he’s got nothing on our God, but he is pesky. While we were reminiscing on our conference time before heading to the bus, one of the massive, vulture-turkey-crane-like birds decided to relieve himself right above me, leaving me with a gift I never wanted down my back. It honestly could have been quite the disappointing ending to our day, but it brought much laughter and a great memory. Not today, Satan! Not today.

This was the day that the Lord made. We rejoiced and were very very glad in it.

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