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From worshipping witchdoctor to worshipping the One true God

Our team shared lunch with the church in the village we were working in. We ate Ethiopian bread, popcorn, and were given a coffee ceremony. The women of the church showed us incredible hospitality! While having lunch, we asked for one of the church members to share their story of salvation. A man explained to us that he formerly held traditional witch doctor beliefs. He and his village believed that making offerings to spirits would bring blessings. But one day, his brother became a follower of Jesus, and shared his new faith with him. He responded by saying he was going to kill his brother. He loaded a gun with nine bullets, and his brother responded by saying “you only need one” because he did not fear death. This shook the man, and he put down the gun in response to his brother’s boldness. Later, his brother and the other Christians in the village began to pray for Jesus to be Lord in that village. And the location where offerings were made and spirits were worshipped was destroyed by fire. When the man saw this, he came to believe that Jesus is Lord, and gave his life to him. He now has been a Christian for a couple decades and is making disciples in the Church he once wanted to wipe out. Praise the Lord! He is redeeming and restoring Ethiopia.

Story by Sam Scott (team members Jaime Perez, Caitlin Reynolds, Liz Serna, Laura Webb)

The team had a 2nd full day of ministry & everyone is feeling great. We have had some awesome stories this week of life change as many people are hearing the gospel for the 1st time & some are responding. The decision to follow Jesus Christ comes with significant consequences. Believers are often kicked out of their homes, disowned by family or ostracized by the community.

Please pray for:
• Continued good health
• New believers to be strengthened in their faith
• Continued unity with Ethiopian translators & disciple-makers

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