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Ethiopia update- Our God is mighty to save!!

Today’s story is a continuation of Gods glory that continues to shine bright here with our Ethiopian neighbors. In the village we visited today, it started by playing both volleyball and soccer with the community of that area. After playing for a while, a young man took the soccer ball and approached me aggressively. He stated, “You are a Christian. When Jesus lived on earth he visited peoples homes. I want you to come to my home!” Our translators indicated this young man was intoxicated and to ignore him. After a while this young man continued to be disruptive and approached all our team members demanding we come to his home. Soon after, Tarikwa (one of our Ethiopian partners) engaged with the young man and found that the reason for his aggressive demeanor was that he was hurting due to a loss of both parents, his wife had left him having to care for two of their children, along with caring for two of his younger siblings. This young mans name is Nati and he is 27 years of age. Both Tarikwa and I got to pray for him and I shared my testimony with him, which consisted a previous life of seeking acceptance through alcohol, marijuana, and unhealthy relationships. In addition I lost my father 2 years ago and had the opportunity to comfort him on how I leaned into God during my time of loss. Our team then escorted our new friend Nati to the local church where we worshipped with the congregation, prayed over Nati, and Nati proclaimed and received Jesus Christ in his heart at that moment. Praise God!! Right after lunch we continued our work in the village. Accept this time we had a new team member assisting us in share the Gospel with our neighbors there. Guess who…yep it was now our new brother in Christ, Nati. Nati was soon gathering all his friends in the neighborhood to come and hear the Message, the Good News of our Savior Jesus Christ. It turned out anytime we would share the evangecube, Nati was stepping in acting on our behalf as a translator being our new found interpreter. Nati was no longer aggressive but on fire for the Lord proclaiming Jesus’ name in his neighborhood. As we were leaving the village, Nati said, “I will follow Jesus all the days of my life and if we ever come back to visit, I am going to be a preacher.” I told Nati he is now my brother in Christ and that I loved him. We hugged and departed. We know now that God has HUGE plans for Nati and he is going to impact many lives bringing people to our King, Savior, Shepherd, and Friend Jesus Christ.

Story by Nick Parsons (team 4 members Kari Kurtz, Jennifer Bundren, Paul Sanchez, Lindsey Juarez)

The team had a great day today. Everyone is feeling well but getting a little tired. We had a monsoon rain shower early this morning that made the roads muddy but also brought some much needed cool weather. We ate dinner at a table outside the hotel & the temp was in the low 60’s. How awesome is that. Please continue to pray for:
• Continued strength as we finish strong
• Open hearts & clear communication as we continue to share freedom in Jesus
• Unity with our translators & disciplemakers
• New believers as they will be discipled but will also face persecution

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  1. Buzz Juarezon Jul 19th 2017 at 11:19 pm

    Sounds like a Great Day in the work of the Lord. Praying for continued strength and success in your journey. Thoughts and Prayers are with you all.

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