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Ethiopia update- Our God is mighty to save!!!

We started off the morning driving to our mission site. We stopped the van in a open field & started playing soccer to help build some trust. After playing soccer for 20 minutes, we stopped for a break & started sharing the story of God’s love using the evangecube. Many were receptive to the message & then a police officer showed up & was not happy. He was Ethiopian Orthodox & was NOT happy that we were there sharing. He started yelling at people & telling us to go. We loaded up the van & drove to have lunch & process what was happening. But, what the enemy thought was a discouraging the Lord has so much more planned. After lunch, we came across a 15 year old girl named Nayan. There was something different about Nayan (she was dressed like she was going to a nightclub & she had a large brand mark on her shoulder) that caught our attention & Tim called her over so we could meet her. Sharing with her why we came all the way to Ethiopia and why we want to love on the people of Ethiopia took away the fear I had to share the Gospel. Sharing with her how God has changed my life from believing I was trash, unloved, unknown to being valuable, unconditionally loved and known by Jesus. Witnessing the walls come down that she had worked so hard in building most of her life changed everything. Nayan shared with us how she had been abused and unloved, which is why she didn’t believe in God. One of translators Demeke did such an amazing job explaining to her clearly why Jesus loves her and how the enemy is robbing her from true joy. It was amazing to witness Nayan want to know more and more about Jesus. At the end I asked her if she wanted to accept Jesus and she said Yes! She then wanted to go out and share with her community of the amazing love story she just heard. At the end Nayan & I were both crying & wiping away each others tears. We started off as strangers and ended as sisters in Christ. Praise the Lord for what he did in Nayan’s heart.

The team had a awesome day today of watching God move & everyone is healthy & safe. People are a little tired with having to adjust to 8 hour time difference. Please pray for:
• Good nights rest for North Americans
• Open hearts to the gospel of Jesus Christ
• Unity with Ethiopian partners

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  1. Nancy Longon Jul 24th 2017 at 2:47 pm

    Praising the Lord for all of you and being strong in your faith to share the gospel. Praying for each of you for rest, good health, and strength.
    Nancy Long

  2. Doris Arevaloon Jul 25th 2017 at 11:01 am

    Praying to the Lord for all of you and for the translators and for all the Carrage ,the blessing that God is given to you all. Amen.

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