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One Word: Perspective

Written by Meghan Cushman, Women’s Team

As I sit down to reflect the second day of the ALARM conference in Burundi, I cannot help but want to move and dance in my seat to the beat of the African worship music the men and women have sung over us these past few days. The joyful worship of the women has penetrated my soul. Although we cannot translate the words being sung over us, we worship the same God and sing praises to His name. Knowing the lyrics to their worship songs is not of importance, but knowing the one true God we worship is the tie that binds us together.

Today, our women’s team had the privilege of teaching the women about Health & Hygiene. The participants were so eager to learn how to protect their families using good hygiene through clean drinking water and handwashing. They shared how difficult it is to gather water for their families. Providing clean drinking water for our families back at home requires absolutely no effort from us. These women have to labor to gather water and have no means of keeping it from being contaminated. They asked how they could wash their hands well if they had no soap to use at their home. When the women learned that they would leave the conference with bars of soap to take home to their families, they shouted, “Hallelujah, Praise the Lord.” What a beautiful reminder to our team that we have so many comforts back at home, including clean drinking water and bars of soap to help us clean our hands. One word: perspective.

As a team, we spoke to the women participants on conflict resolution. It was beautiful to guide the women through what the Bible has to say regarding how to respond to conflict. We left encouraged by their desire to resolve conflict and seek forgiveness within their communities. They are truly leading out in conflict resolutions within their communities. Our team thought we were coming to Burundi to teach these women, but instead they are teaching us about how to be faithful servants of Jesus.

To conclude the day, we walked through the healing process of grieving. We wrote laments to God – crying out to Him about our pain, asking Him to heal us and proclaiming our trust in Him. We “took our pains to the foot of the cross” and gave them to the Lord – seeking healing from our pains. We collectively burned our laments and found freedom and healing by proclaiming that we trust in the Lord to use our pains and suffering for His glory.

Today, I found healing. He loves me so much that he gave His Son, Jesus, to die for my sins and carry my pains on the cross. I found freedom today from my pains alongside my sisters in Christ in Burundi. The women of Burundi have changed me. They have changed my perspective – I am forever grateful. We serve a good, good Father together.

-Meghan Cushman


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  1. Cameronon Feb 8th 2018 at 4:54 pm

    Amazing insight to what the people of Burundi go through each and every day. Our lives are so different, but our love for Jesus unites us!

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