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2nd day of Ethiopia ministry- Amazing Grace

Today was the second day we got to work with the amazing people of the local church here in Assela to share the story of Christ in this region. First, our team got to experience a full showcase of the fervent hospitality of Ethiopian people; from unbelievers giving motorcycle and horse/buggy rides when our van could travel no further, to an unbelieving family giving our team shelter during intense rain, to multiple times where the local church provided us coffee, food, and encouraging worship.

When we got to our first location by motorcycle, our team brought out the football and watched Ethiopians try to throw a spiral. As more men gathered, our team shared their personal testimony and the story of Jesus with this group. Nobody responded as wanting to accept Jesus into their lives, which was discouraging at first. However, on our way to the next destination (a local church) we prayed for that group of men to want to know more about Jesus, and wouldn’t you know… two of the young men in that group showed up at that church. They joined us inside and after long conversation with questions and reading scripture, they both accepted Jesus!

After leaving the church we shared with more adults and youth next to a nearby field, where multiple young girls accepted Jesus! Later it started to heavily rain and we were invited into a family’s hut to take shelter – there were 16 people crammed in a 50 square foot huddled around an LED light. Our team shared the story of Jesus with this family and engaged with the head of the household about accepting Jesus – and got to explain the power of Jesus amidst his fear of a woman in his family worshiping an evil spirit. We made sure to connect them with multiple of the disciple-makers with us to work with them through overcoming that fear as a family.

We left toward a local church member’s house and picked up in the van two unbelieving friends on the way. They joined us inside as we ate bread, coffee and got to know each other. Our team shared the gospel, answered questions, and shared their personal stories to relate to and challenge these men – who had heard about Jesus before – to stop procrastinating on the decision to accept or reject God’s grace through Jesus. One of the men accepted Christ on the spot, and the other wants to learn more from the disciple-makers in the coming days before he makes this important decision. At the end of the day, as evident as the Ethiopian hospitality was God’s desire for every one of us to be in relationship with Him. Our team is humbled and joyful that He let us take part in that work today!
Story by Lincoln Neely (other team members include Brittany Bennett, Callie Fisher, Tommy Christenfeld, Kari Kurz)

This week of ministry has gone great. We have shared our personal stories of life change & share about how much freedom is in Christ with hundreds of people so far. The team is healthy & safe bonding so well with our Ethiopian partners. Please pray for:
• Continued good health for the North Americans
• Unity with our Ethiopian partners
• Open hearts to the gospel of Jesus Christ
• New believers will stand up under persecution

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