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Thursday Ethiopia update

Sorry for the delay in the update. The wifi in the hotel was out on Thursday.

We cannot believe four ministry days have passed so quickly! Ethiopia is absolutely beautiful and the people are extremely welcoming. Every day of this trip has been a gift… filled with story after story. Today was no different.

Today, Nick, Paul, Tawni, Alyssa, Ryan, and Rebecca (Small Team 3) all set out on a walk with no specific destination, but with one very clear purpose: to love God and love people. We weren’t surprised when we shared the Gospel and faced resistance and we were continually grateful when God revealed himself and saved souls today. Praise God!

Discipleship & transferring the ministry from North Americans to Ethiopians was the theme for today. Many conversations were opportunities to help “move the needle” for people to better understand who God is, His story, and His love. A few sweet moments were seeing a teammate, Paul, disciple young believers on how to share the gospel and read God’s Word. Paul would teach the disciple-makers who would then teach others, who would then teach others. It was encouraging and fun to see people eagerly apply the things Paul taught them. Nick had the opportunity to lead an influential leader of the community to Christ. He shared his story with authenticity and joy and God saved His soul! Ryan got to speak to a man who actually spoke really great English but did not fully understand the unconditional, never taken away, gift of salvation we receive through Christ. The young man walked away visibly encouraged!

After a pretty long and hard rain, Alyssa and Rebecca pursued a woman by a river who was washing her family’s clothes. They kneeled down in the water and helped scrub each pair of tattered clothing so that Ryan could share God’s love story to her. Truly a humbling moment… and we never stopped singing. Galatomi (Orimifa for “Thank you”) is a fan favorite! Tawni was never shy to share the gospel and Alyssa and Rebecca never missed a beat to play with some kiddos. Bubbles are an Ethiopian child’s delight.

Something our team started spontaneously doing for the kids was acting out various bible stories. This is easily our favorite memory as a team.

Today, our time ended with an impromptu play of David and Goliath for about twenty-five kids who lived in the area. No lights, no lines, just a children’s bible, a translator, and a bunch of really fun young adults ☺ If only we could post a video. Nick was an exceptional Goliath… rolling straight into cow dung after “David” pelted him with a stone.

God is at work.
Story by Rebecca Mosley (on team with Nick Berrios, Alyssa Sullivan, Paul Sanchez, Tawni Gray

The team is tired after a long week but healthy & strong. The closing ceremony today was bittersweet as we got to celebrate all that God did this week but also had to say good-bye to our Ethiopian translators & disciple-makers. Tomorrow (Friday) we start the long drive back to Addis Ababa & will spend some time processing the trip & having a nice dinner. Saturday will be spending some time going to the market, getting some rest, doing our trip debrief & re-entry training & then Saturday night heading to the airport for the long flight home.

Please continue to pray for:
• Continued good health for the North Americans
• Rest as they prepare for the trip home
• Safe travels on the Ethiopian highways
• New believers would stand strong under persecution
• Many new churches would be planted among the new believers
• Preparation for Ethiopia team 2 who leaves Dallas on Friday afternoon

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  1. Karlon Jun 1st 2018 at 6:45 am

    Love the updates and love the people of Africa. May abundant fruit be produced from your obedience and pursuit of missions.

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