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Wednesday Ethiopia update- Our God is faithful

Hello to our sweet friends, families and those who have supported us along this journey. First of all; I am not a blogger, so bare with me JSecond, it’s so hard to believe our trip is almost half over. Today was very much a different day than we would have expected. It started out with one of our team waking up & not feeling so well.  I am thankful for the Lord’s provision and care for each of us emotionally, physically and spiritually this week!


After breakfast & our team devotion, we headed out for our third ministry day. Demeke (e3 national coordinator) told us we would be going out even farther to the unreached village of Kelecha. Our caravan bumped along a long dirt road through the beautiful countryside. Finally, we arrived at the village and started our morning with the most incredible worship service and of course a coffee ceremony…the two best things ever!


Team 2 (Josh, Claire, Shelbi and myself) walked through fields to grass huts with kids running towards us while we’re walking and kicking the soccer ball. One woman came out of her hut with her infant strapped to her other small child’s back, we asked her to join her us under the big tree next to her house. The conversation was complicated as I was speaking English, Mama T (Tarikwa) translated to Amharic and then the disciple-maker translated Amharic to Orifa (regional language) . Her behavior was very distracting and she was sometimes disrespectful.  As we continued to talk, asking about her farm and her family we got the opportunity to ask some diagnostic questions and learn that she was a “tree worshiper”. Provision for her life came from this tree and their family was fully dependent on this tree for anything that was good. She believed that “works” are necessary to appease the tree. After asking more questions of her and sharing my story, she was unreceptive and more interested by the fact I was a forenge (foreigner). She continued to mock me and call more people over to “see the foreigner”; as people came I continued to share the good news. What was at first just one woman was now four women. Again, each of these women rejected the gospel story yet proceeded to call more people over. Each time I shared the evangecube with the growing group, the four original women’s eyes and body language grew more and more interested. They began asking many questions, some of the women were Ethiopian Orthodox and concerned that if they became a Christian, where would they be buried, where and how they would worship, what would their husbands think? I was able to encourage them that they can worship anywhere, in their houses or at the local church, and the Ethiopian disciple-makers in their village are available to encourage and educate them further. As more and more people came to the circle and heard the gospel multiple times, the women professed they believed this gospel story to be true and would be life changing. Here is where the cool part happened…I got to step back and watch the translators and disciple makers pour into these women’s lives and encourage them on a more personal level. The women asked if the disciple-makers would come back to their houses on Saturday and Sunday to share with their husbands; that they too might know the good news. Even though the conversation was not the smoothest, praise God for His faithfulness, open ears and for changed hearts!


Today was a difficult day all around, being laughed at, unwilling ears to listen and interesting spiritual beliefs, but God has not left his throne. We continue to be blessed by the disciple makers and Ethiopians we have encountered. Thankfully, we get to be here to encourage and equip the disciple-makers as they are the ones who continue to pour into the Ethiopians lives. We are thankful for the seeds that have been planted in their hearts and will continue to pray that God would show himself to them.


We had one of the greatest debriefs tonight of the trip! Thankful for a team who loves each other well, communicates well and is ultimately focused on the greatest goal. Even though the nights get late and we are tired from long days…games are a MUST and it was ended with two rounds of beloved Mafia!


Thank you again for your prayers and support from afar; they are definitely felt! We love you!


Story by Team 2 (Kathleen Howard, Josh Pickett, Claire Curtis and Shelbi Harris)


The team is doing well as we finished our 3rdfull day of ministry.  Today’s ministry area is known as a stronghold where people worship the local witch doctors so it’s not surprising that today was the most difficult day so far.  In saying that, “we have not been given a spirit of fear but of power, love & self control” II Timothy 1:7  We have 1 person who had a fever today but they are feeling better so please continue to pray for good health.   Tomorrow (Thursday) is our last full day of ministry so it is kind of bittersweet as we have seen God move in people’s hearts this week in incredible ways.


Please continue to pray for:

  • Unity with between the North Americans & our Ethiopian partners
  • Good health & safety for the team
  • More open hearts to the gospel
  • Many churches to be planted
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  1. Sandy Hareon Jun 7th 2018 at 8:24 am

    It was encouraging that you persevered and planted the seed! Thanks for sharing. Will continue to pray for courage, health and safety.

  2. Serah Luuon Jun 7th 2018 at 8:28 am

    Thankful for the Lord’s faithfulness in the tough days!
    Praise Him for the good news being sharing and those seeds that were planted.
    How cool that what the women intended for shame ended up with more people hearing the Gospel.

    Praying for good health for the whole team and another good day of ministry!

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