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Ethiopia Wednesday update – Reproduction of new believers

Small Team 3 has had a really encouraging week so far! We’ve had a mixture of responses… some people rejected the Gospel, others needed to think about it more, and a lot of people have trusted in Christ as their Lord & Savior! It has been amazing to see the Lord work here in Ethiopia. One of my favorite stories so far was from Day 2 of our mission days. We had spent the morning in a village sharing about Christ and playing soccer with the kids. Afterwards we went to a home church in the village and had a coffee ceremony (a HUGE honor in the Ethiopian culture), and worshipped with the Christians in the village. One of the sweetest things that I’ve noticed about Ethiopian culture has been the Christian hospitality. It doesn’t matter that we’re American and we don’t know their language, the fact that we are all Christians meant we deserved the highest honor in their home. It was sweet rest for our bodies and our souls after a long morning in the sun playing with the kids and sharing the Gospel.

Afterward, we drove to another village (which our translators told us was a new development), and we started sharing with some people who were walking down the street. In this village, I met a 12-year-old girl named Hannah, who was standing with her mother. They immediately asked me, “Why are you here?” and I responded, “Our team is here to tell everyone about Jesus. Do you know who Jesus is?” They started enthusiastically nodding their heads yes, and I asked them, “Are you Ethiopian Orthodox?” They shook their heads and Hannah said, in English, “No, we are Protestant! Jesus is my Lord.” Hannah’s sincerity and English surprised me, and so I took her to play some games, and then later reviewed the Evangecube with her (the Evangecube looks like a rubix cube that simply explains the story of the Gospel). Hannah was smart, she knew English, and she was clear that Jesus died for her sins. What was so sweet about Hannah, was that after I told her the cube in English, she ran down to another house and got 3 of her friends and shared the Evangecube and story of the Gospel with them! It was so encouraging to see discipleship in its simplest form!

Day 3 of ministry went well & the team is encouraged. Everyone is healthy & feeling well but understandably tired. Praise God that he has sustained us & given us what we need this week. Many people have heard the gospel message & many seeds have been planted this week. Please pray for:
• Continued good health
• Unity with our Ethiopian partners
• New believers would stand strong under persecution
• Trip 4 people in Dallas would be ready as they travel on Friday to Ethiopia

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  1. Kerryon Jul 25th 2018 at 2:44 pm

    Looking forward to hearing about all of the experiences.

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