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Tuesday Update- Our God is an awesome God!

Small Team 4
Small Team 4 began their day at the soccer fields. The team worked together to share the gospel and their stories to create diversity for the listeners. When the team was sharing, an adult pulled the children away. One of our team members got to share the gospel with a man for the second time. This team got to share with many Orthodox believers. The team members got to explain that salvation is by grace alone, and not by works. She was able to ask questions about scripture – giving her the opportunity to believe through the stories the team shared and her interest in the Bible. One Ethiopian accepted Christ into their heart and four other Ethiopians followed after that – praise God! Another team member got to share with an Ethiopian Muslim man who said that he had a dream two months ago that a white person was going to share the gospel with him. This man is from a very closed area where everyone is Muslim & now as a new believer he said that he wants to go back to his home area & share the good news with his home village.

Small Team 3
A team member got to share with an Orthodox listener about whether Mary was our mediator to God & should be worshipped. One team member got to share with a Christ follower & her 12 year old daughter. The believer’s daughter was very intrigued by the Evangecube, so much so that we were able to give her an Evangecube to share with the people around her. She had already started sharing with other before the team left the village. The kids in the village were extremely friendly and loved playing with the team members throughout the day.

Small Team 2
Our team had a mixture of encouraging and discouraging stories. We got to share with some Muslim boys. They voiced that they were afraid of accepting the gospel after we shared. Later, when we were sharing one of the boys continued to follow us to listen to us sharing so it was evident that he was intrigued. One member got to share a lot of scripture throughout the day with several follow-up questions, including asking about the trinity and having multiple gods. Another team member got to share with another Ethiopian Orthodox Christian. The listener questioned the difference between our bibles. We got to share with him that it’s the same bible, but the orthodox bible has 15 additional books. The listener said he was going to go back to his Orthodox church and ask why he did not know it was the same book. We got share our testimonies throughout the day with our believing translators and disciple makers. It was extremely encouraging that our God creates such unique and beautiful stories for everyone – no matter where we are in the world or what our language is. Throughout the day we had at least 12 people that said they accepted Christ as their personal Savior.

Small Team 1
There were many people that Team 1 talked to who said they believed in the Gospel after it was shared but that there was nothing they could do about it, they were fearful to accept Christ or that it was too hard to change. One man stated at first, after hearing the Evangecube, that he did not believe it. The team asked if they could pray for him and he said yes. After the team prayed for him, he said that he was ready to believe and accepted Christ as his Savior! One last interaction that the team had was one man came up to the team and said that he was not a believer, but his wife was and asked if the team could come pray for his wife who is sick. The team said they would but were going to a church to worship first and the man ended up going to the church with them, worshipped with the team, participated in a coffee ceremony and spent time with the team who were able to pour into the man who was not a believer. The team was able to go to the man’s house, pray for his wife, then the man asked to hear the Gospel through the Evangecube again and as it was being explained to him, he started smiling and surrendered his life to Christ. What a picture of how God pursues people, how he leaves the 99 and goes after the one!

Overall, there were moments of rejection and discouragement throughout the day on all the teams, but God continued to draw people to Himself and change lives. We know that the outcome of us sharing the Gospel is not up to us and that He is sovereign over every soul we encounter. He made this evident today because even though the Gospel was shared clearly, many people rejected it, but others accepted. What an amazing God we serve who lets us be a part of growing His kingdom! I can’t wait to see how He continues to move this week.

Ft Worth Team is tired after a couple long days working in the sun but they are feeling encouraged by all that God has been doing. Please continue to pray for:
• Many open hearts to the gospel
• Unity between North Americans & Ethiopian partners
• New believers to be discipled & encouraged
• New churches to be planted among the new believers

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  1. Lisa Nealon Jul 25th 2018 at 8:23 am

    Thank you for your continued feedback on god’s grace. Prayers of health and safety to these young adults it is amazing to see and hear the changes they are making in the unknown. Gives me goose bumps..

  2. Debbie Morrison Jul 26th 2018 at 6:33 am

    Continuing to pray for strength for all of you. So grateful for your willing hearts to share the Gospel. Praying the Holy Spirit will continue to draw those who have heard but not yet accepted.

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