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Ethiopia Thursday update- Our God is mighty to save!!

Small Team 1 has had a great week! We wrapped up our ministry time today and it was a great day. Today has consisted of rejection of the gospel, really deep questions, and several people accepting Christ today. This morning we started out in a Muslim community, which entailed a lot of hard conversations about the trinity and some serious opposition. However, after we shared with several groups and began to leave the area, a girl followed us down the road to tell us she accepted Jesus and let us pray for her in the street! This is HUGE in the Muslim community to even let us pray with her and also for her to come find us to do so was evidence of God moving. Further down the road we shared with a group of 4 young adult men who said the message of Jesus was good and they accepted Jesus Christ! We shared with another group of Muslim men and one of them decided to accept, we asked to pray and thank God with him, but he was afraid because he was surrounded by a group of men from his village. It was a tough reminder to know that accepting the Gospel can have earthly consequences, but that following Christ is worth everything. We also came across a village elder alongside the street who we shared the gospel with. After sharing he said thank you and that he would pray to God to see if this message was really true. He ended up following us to the church where we ate lunch and he asked us if we would come to his house and pray for his wife because she was sick. We went to this mans house and prayed for his wife and found out she was a believer. After we shared the gospel again with the man and he accepted Jesus. The joy on his face was unreal he totally was experiencing God’s love. Throughout this week we have played with so many kids and have seen so many people come to Christ. God is moving in Ethiopia!

Although we’ve seen and heard a lot of rejection this week, we’ve also seen God move in huge ways. It’s amazing to share the gospel alongside Ethiopians who are brothers and sisters in Christ. We are so thankful for our Ethiopian disciple makers who are able to follow up and pursue everyone who accepted what Christ has done for them.

Ft Worth team is healthy, sunburned & tired from a full week of ministry but we have hearts full of joy. It is crazy seeing God change someone’s heart right before your eyes. The disciplemakers are the ones committed to following up & discipling/shepherding the new believers & gathering them into new churches. The Ft Worth team will get to hike a mountain in the morning & have a devo & worship time with our Ethiopian partners. After the drive to Addis Ababa & some rest, we’ll have some followup training of trip debrief & processing all that God has done this week. We’ll go to dinner Friday night & prepare for our last day in Addis (Saturday). Saturday will be of rest, eating some good food & doing our trip re-entry training as the Ft Worth team prepares to come home.

Thanks so much for your prayers this week. Please continue to pray for:
• Unity between the North Americans & our Ethiopian partners
• New believers to stand strong under persecution
• New churches to be planted
• Safety as we travel back to Addis Ababa
• Continued good health for the North Americans

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  1. Hannah McKeeon Jul 26th 2018 at 4:50 pm

    Praying for all of you!

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