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Sharing and Soul-Struggling in Uganda

Written by Clay Riebe

We started this morning’s session with praise and worship that was so uplifting! Our Ugandan brothers and sisters love to sing and praise their God.

The men started today with a recap of yesterday’s sessions on forgiveness and the Wounds of the Heart. A man came forward to share his forgiveness story, and we were able to pray with him.

Making connections with our brothers and sisters in Uganda has been such a blessing. One of the conference attendees approached me and told me that my name, Clay, is “Bbumba” in Lugandan, the language of the Ugandans. He told me it was the materials potters make bowls and jars from. Was a great opportunity to share about being clay in the Potter’s hands.

We had great sessions on leadership of self, leadership of family, and leadership and others. These were led by Barry, Chip, and John. Kyle tackled the topic of how serving your wife well in Ugandan culture is taboo. He delivered the Word and let it speak for itself. There will be many conversations that come from this session. Oscar taught on why there is evil in the world. His personal story was so moving. Kyle finished up by addressing the problems with works-based theology. The gospel was presented, and you could sense there was a struggle going on in the hearts of many. We’re praying for opportunities for conversation with those who struggle with working their way to heaven.

Our time with our team after the conference has been rich each day. Our debriefing always is an encouragement that God is moving. We’re getting ready for a big gift-giving day tomorrow as the conference comes to a close.

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So Much Gratitude

Written by John Carreker

This is my first discipleship trip to Africa. My wife and I have been to Africa numerous times on business or pleasure, but never on this type of mission. We were blessed in many ways the first day

of the ALARM conference here in Uganda. The sights, sounds, smells, and overall experience are vivid, like seeing HDTV for the first time. As the attendees poured in from 7 different districts – perhaps a number of them journeying by foot –  I could sense a level of gratitude I’ve not seen or felt in a while.

At the introduction of the conference, attendees were all given Bibles and notepads, and we had an opportunity to shake their hands and exchange names. While a number of them can understand English, most of them are not able to enunciate well, so it comes out slightly broken for most of them. In looking into some of their eyes, I was a little overcome with emotion as you could see such an intense love and gratitude – it was like looking into the eyes of Jesus at times.

Kyle Thompson started off the teaching and did an amazing job setting the tone with authenticity, humility, and a clear focus that everything we taught would be Biblically-based. We started late and were quite behind our intended agenda, but God was moving to impact souls with discussions of the gospel story, forgiveness, and dealing with an injured heart. Oscar lead in worship a few times and closed the day with gospel again.

The room was vibrant with God’s Spirit, and we knew He was among us and impacting the attendees (and us) at many levels… On to the next day, starting with Leadership and then Reconciliation!


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