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Watermark Plano in Uganda….God’s Still at Work

Conference Day 1

The day has come! We woke up to go to the conference and speak! We walked in to the sounds of 200 people praising Jesus with a deep reverence for the Lord and speaking of His faithfulness. Truly this must be what heaven sounds like as tongues that I did not understand were praising Jesus. How beautiful it sounded as emotion overtook me. Who am I, Lord, that you would bring me half way around the world to share with people of how to love you? There is nothing in me that is special particularly for these people. I was mesmerized by the Lord’s doing. We started the conference as each male member spoke to the men. When it was my turn to speak I was nervously excited. I was going to share about Jesus! And how as men our leadership can affect the home. My colleagues poked fun of me as I spoke in a distinctly African dialect of English. But the Lord’s favor was upon my speaking as the men engaged and later spoke of how they are needing to love their wives and children. I will say that it was quite the obstacle to speak through a translator. But I am grateful to God for His blessing on the time. Oh, how I love to speak of the Lord and share His goodness with everyone. I feel Him smile when I see a child of God grab onto a new Truth. I am exhausted. The day has been full and tomorrow is the heavy stuff, in regards to forgiveness, healing, and conflict. I am faithfully excited to see what God is going to do.


Conference Day 2

Today was the second day of the conference. We spoke on many hard things such as healing the wounds of trauma, forgiveness, and conflict. I feel as though the Lord blessed it and set it apart in the men’s hearts. We learned from the women that many of them are abusive to their wives and children and only see them as a problem or property. Not as a person. We heard some testimonies this morning from some of the men of what they wrote on their blank puzzle pieces as to what was painful in their lives. One man shared of his wife having cancer, another shared of his own sickness. There is much pain in the people. We even had Wilberforce share His story of forgiveness. He was one of 14 children to his father who left. Wilberforce lived in the bush and his mother in law poisoned His brother. His brother died in his arms. Wilberforce met the Lord and has given forgiveness. There has been reconciliation with his parents, and they have remarried. His dad is now a pastor! Praise the Lord for the work he is doing in Africa and Uganda. We are all very tired. May the Lord grant us energy for the coming days. He is so faithful.



Conference Day 3

Today we have been so blessed by God. He has given us the joy of seeing His truth move people. Today was the last day of the conference. Grant reminded us of truth from the previous days, Derek taught the men how to read their Bibles and then grant taught them to share their stories. He attempted to get them to share themselves in under 3 minutes, but no African, I have learned, is brief. It would seem that most, if not all the men, grew up under severe beatings. This has seemed to be a cultural norm. It is now being passed on to the next generation. May God break the cycle with these men and women. May he move them back to what the Bible says. One man stood up today and said he learned how important family is and that he was going to get all of his children and wife together…he had to be a grandfather! It’s amazing how these people sing to the Lord, how they worship without concern of what others will think, and shout to the Lord. Yet dealing with the pain that they have inside and the hurt they have themselves and caused others emotionally is simply not shared. This is a foreign concept. May God break this habit and may the truth of the Word bring healing to the land. May men be authentic and serve the Lord.


I feel so blessed and honored that God would allow such a circumstance where I would get to travel around the globe to a place that wasn’t even on my radar to a people that I knew little about so that I could share of His Word on how to love and serve your wife and children. What a gift to me! The Lord was so gracious to me in allowing me to connect with the people in a special way. I am sure that I am an anomaly to them yet that is the platform that allowed for truth to be planted. They told me that in the Sabine language, which is from the land of Kapchorwa, that my name means fire! May the Lord set me ablaze with His truth, and may His glory be known in all I say and do!


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Safely in Mbala, Uganda

Arrived safely at Mbale.  Long drive today but team is in good spirits.  Girls getting supplies ready for the morning now and then dinner and sleep.  None of us have slept much so looking fwd to it.  Good to see the ALARM folks again.  Had some time with Pius and hoping for more tomorrow.  Mbale is at the foot of Mt. Elgon which is beautiful.  Pray for us tomorrow…conference starts at midnight your time…let’s see what God wants to accomplish!

Grateful for the opportunity!


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