Can You Feel the GLOW?

One of Watermark’s most anticipated serving opportunities, GLOW – A Day of Beauty was again a success.  This year, Watermark partnered with some of our existing ministry partners, including Cornerstone Baptist Church, UGM Center of Hope, Exodus, and many more.  The women being served by these ministries were brought to Watermark, where the third floor was turned into a salon and spa. 

 As the 65 women arrived, they were partnered with a Watermark woman, who would escort her through the day, learning about her and encouraging her with the hope we have in Christ.  The faces and countenance of most of the women stepping off the elevator gave away their trepidation and hesitation.  But, as the day went on, the women relaxed and it reflected on their faces.  One woman from Martha’s House wept as she said, “I felt the love and caring of Christ here today.”

Not only were these women treated to spa services (hair cuts, color, nails, massages and facials), there were learning opportunities, too: Dentistry, Moneywise, Nutrition and Fashion Consulting.  One lady from Cornerstone Baptist Church shocked her leader by heading straight to the Moneywise class BEFORE getting anything done physically.  We may wonder how Moneywise would be applicable to those with very little or nothing, but the teachers fielded all sorts of questions, and reminded them that we are to steward what God has given us, whether much or little.

The Fashion Consulting was another big hit.  Teaching the women how to shop at Goodwill and the dollar store, Holly showed women how to use basic pieces to transform their daily clothes to work attire.  Even some of the volunteers were impressed with her knowledge and vowed to apply some of those principals to their wardrobe.  Being constantly reminded that the most appealing part of our appearance is Christ’s love in our heart was a recurring theme of the day, and these lessons about clothing were simply an accessory to that truth.

After being encouraged by Todd, Patrick Ryan Clark, Matt Boswell and Roxann Ehrhart during lunch, the women completed their day around 3:30pm.  As they left our facilities, they were handed a goody bag, full of necessities to carry them on, including a Life Recovery Bible, toothpaste, toothbrush, Q-Tips, and much more.  One woman exclaimed this was the best day of her life, and another said that this group of people made it feel like home.  As the leader of the group of women from South Dallas, Shelley Lane observed, “The gospel message was clearly demonstrated by the servants of Christ today!  We will hear it ringing out in S. Dallas for days to come-from some women we can hardly recognize after today!”

Charm is deceptive, and beauty does not last; but a woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised. Proverbs 31:30

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Two days after Glow I received a phone call from a friend in South Dallas asking me if I could take two of our women who had been at Glow to rehab. They were ready for new lives. I know many things factored into the decision these women made last Wednesday, but I also know they both felt valued and important that Monday at Glow. While we do not know what made them take this step, I believe Glow really helped. Many thanks to all the people who made Glow happen. Please pray for my friends.
Marty Washington

Comment by Marty Washington  ( on July 4, 2011 at 7:32 pm