Watermark Child Sponsorship

On previous posts, I mentioned that we as a church are partnering with ALARM to support about 300 kids in Uganda.  As a church, we have provided financial support to these kids for three years.  Now we have set up a chance for you to directly sponsor one of these kids and more personally increase [...]

November 2009 Uganda Visit – ALARM’s Mentors To Kids We Sponsor

As I mentioned yesterday, we sponsor kids in Uganda.  Of the 300 kids we sponsor today (growing to 600 early next year), about 190 are in Gulu.  In addition to paying for school fees, materials, uniforms, and other stuff, we also have mentors for the kids.  In Gulu, there are seven mentors for the 190 [...]

A Trade School For Tomorrow’s Leaders

Nelson Okello is the Country Director for ALARM in Uganda.  He grew up in Pader, Uganda.  Pader was ravaged by the LRA and other fighting over the past twenty-five years and only recently began to rebuild the long-term objective of resettling all of the residents of IDPs.  In January 2008 ALARM presented us with a [...]