Haiti relief update, 1/18/2010

I thank you all for your prayers and for your willingness to help in Haiti. For now, the most urgent need from our partners on the ground, World Vision and World Relief, is for orthopedists and trauma surgeons; however the needs are quickly changing, and one organization just asked about the availability of trauma counselors. [...]


John Piper NPR interview on the Tsunami The link above takes you to a radio interview of Pastor John Piper on NPR after the Tsunami of 2005.  The interviewer asks him to give the Christian understanding of the problem of evil as it relates to natural disasters.  His answer is meaty and profound, offering a [...]

Medical Relief Effort for Haiti

We are planning a medical relief component to Watermark’s response to the tragedy in Haiti.   So far we are looking at a small initial team, possibly in partnership with Baylor and World Vision.  It is critical for us to get a good clinical assessment of the situation on the ground so that we can [...]

Child-Headed Home: An Update

On November 13, I told you a story about a child-headed home we met that was in great need of help.  Click here to read the story.   When I arrived at the office this morning, I received an update about Richard and his siblings.  We have been able to provide for their most urgent [...]

November 2009 Uganda Visit – Orphan Sponsorship, My Little Girl

While hanging out at the quarry in Kampala, we spent time with some of the kids we sponsor.  Two girls caught my eye – Lydia and Ruth.  They are best friends, and they were so sweet.  As I was speaking with them, it became clear to me that with the new orphan care sponsorship Watermark [...]

November 2009 Uganda Visit – ALARM’s Mentors To Kids We Sponsor

As I mentioned yesterday, we sponsor kids in Uganda.  Of the 300 kids we sponsor today (growing to 600 early next year), about 190 are in Gulu.  In addition to paying for school fees, materials, uniforms, and other stuff, we also have mentors for the kids.  In Gulu, there are seven mentors for the 190 [...]

November 2009 Uganda Visit – Former Child Soldier

This is the first of many posts documenting the events of my recent trip to Uganda to spend time with ALARM visiting our ministry efforts with them.  They will be a bit “stream of conscious” and are intended to give you “personal examples” tied to the “overview” posts I did in October. After spending our [...]

Pure Religion: Caring for Orphans (part two)

So yesterday I mentioned that we as a body are partnering with ALARM and local churches in Uganda to care for about 300 children, hoping to expand to 500 kids in 2010. I closed with the teaser “Wouldn’t it be cool if you could directly sponsor one of these kids? Hmm… More tomorrow…” Our heart [...]

Pure Religion: Caring for Orphans

So why do we care for orphans?  The reason we care for orphans is because that is normative behavior for Christ-followers.  Why do we care for orphans?  Because we are Christians.  Meditate on these two verses:   1 John 3:17 – But if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet [...]

Watermark in Monterrey

This week we have a team in Mexico serving in Monterrey.  You can read about what they have been doing on the Watermark Family Ministy Blog.