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A Thanksgiving Day with Pop Tarts, Cobbler, Water, & Living Water

by Makayla Hix and Dolly Viera, Young Adult team members

Happy Thanksgiving! Thursday morning our team started off by having Pop Tarts for breakfast, a family tradition for one of our team members! We were then able to go into Titanyen and participate directly with two local churches. Each of the church’s pastors identified 5 families who would greatly benefit from water filters. We partnered with the families in the installation and proper care of the water filters. We were then able to connect the water filters and explain John 3 and how Jesus is the living water.

God showed up many times today – the most notable moment was when one of the men who came to receive a water filter. His name was Dalexis and he spoke fluent Spanish. This was a blessing because Dolly also speaks Spanish and was able to clearly communicate with him. It was the first time this trip that we were able to have a conversation with a Haitian and not need our translators (which gave our village champion, Danny, a break).

After showing him how to properly use the water filter, we asked him how this water filter was going to improve his life. His response reminded me of something Christ would have said while on earth: This filter will give me clean water, but it will also allow me to give clean water to my neighbors. We were so encouraged by him. He learned Spanish from working in the Dominican Republic but returned home because he had a near-death experience and knew the Lord granted him a new life, a life fully devoted to Jesus. Now he strives to be the godly leader in his family, serves faithfully at his church, and holds fast to the hope that every man, woman, and child in Haiti will come to know Jesus.

Tonight, the Haitian women of Mission of Hope provided a delicious Thanksgiving meal complete with turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, rolls, and cobbler.

We came to Haiti to bring people to Christ, to encourage our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. But we’re the ones who are leaving Haiti so encouraged by the joy and hope of every believer here. We are so thankful.

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