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“The Lord has been working, and our hearts are humbled”

by Young Adult team member Rachel Thompson

What a great few first days!

The Lord has been working, and our hearts are humbled. On Monday we spent our first day doing “SVT” (Strategic Village Time). During this time our mission is to love on Haitians, build relationships, gather valuable information for Mission of Hope, and share the gospel.

Our groups have been overwhelmingly encouraged with the response of faithful followers of Jesus! Hearing our sweet brothers and sisters in Christ share their stories, speak of how God is working in their lives, and how we can continue to pray for strength in their walk with Christ is so encouraging for us!

Along with strong followers of Jesus, we met several people who said they were Christians, but who doubted if they would be in heaven one day. They based this belief on how good their performance was or how bad they have sinned. We were able to guide and point them to truth found in Ephesians 2:8-9: “For it is by grace that we have been saved through faith, not by works, so that no one can boast.” We reminded them that there is nothing they can do to earn their salvation and that they aren’t disqualified by their shortcomings. Instead, through their confession, trust, and faith in Christ they can be assured of their salvation. This was such a sweet moment to see their lack of confidence turn into a grace-filled confirmation of how Christ continues to pursue us and offer forgiveness each and every day!

Tuesday was spent serving two families by painting their homes. We were able to engage in conversation and encourage them while we served them by making their home a more inviting and welcoming place with a spark of color. One woman we helped was a widow who had two daughters who were 11 and 6 years old. She was a follower of Christ and worked as a vendor to provide for her daughters. She was super grateful and encouraged, which was an added blessing to us!

The other house we served was a younger man who is in seminary and discipling his Haitians brothers and sisters. Through acts of service we were super-encouraged to bless and serve these wonderful and deserving families who love and fear the Lord!

After a full day of painting, we had an amazing night of worship with the campus church at Mission of Hope. It’s always so amazing and powerful to sing worship songs to our Savior in two different languages! No matter the differences between cultures and nations, we are both singing to the same God and worshiping the Creator of the universe. Our God is so powerful, and we are thankful we get to see a small glimpse of what worship in eternity will look like!

Pray for our time in Titanyen and elsewhere as we share the gospel and build more relationships!

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