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Young Adult Team Arrives Right on Time

by Dean Ray & Bobby Senter, Young Adult Team members

We all finally made it to Haiti!! We had a couple events that meant 11 folks on our team (out of 16) weren’t able to make our flight to Haiti from Miami. Fortunately, our team of rockstars were flexible and stayed positive throughout the 16 hours at the airport, passing time by farkling and utilizing the downtime to prepare our hearts for the rest of the trip. We also had several great, eternal conversations as we stayed “on mission” in our home airport throughout the day. Because we were so delayed out of DFW, we were forced to stay overnight in Miami. We knew God was orchestrating everything.

We knew God was orchestrating everything.

When we finally got to the hotel (after 11 folks crammed into the airport shuttle), there was a tremendous series of loud thuds from the highway that could not be mistaken. While the girls began to pray, Frank, Dean, Vo, and Bobby ran towards the sound to find a car inverted with its engine and front axle ejected and smoking from the frame. Praise God that our friend Mauricio was still conscious, and while Bobby called 911, Dean and Frank were able to minister to him, keep him awake, and clearly share the gospel with him – even while he was bloody, bruised, and trapped in his vehicle.

The dash of the car was ripped out, and the backseat was smashed against the front seat. Gasoline was leaking everywhere. Mauricio was trapped but breathing. Fortunately there was no one else in the car. We were able to keep him awake through sharing the gospel and asking him some personal questions (family, occupation, etc).

It was so crazy to see the timing of our arrival, so we could help. God is sovereign and in control. Because of the delays, it took us 16 hours just to get to Miami, but it was worth every minute of waiting to share the gospel with our friend Mauricio. God is good.

We don’t pretend to know what God is doing, but we sure are thankful that we got to help our friend in that horrific situation and that God brought us to our final destination today at just the right time!

Please pray for our village time tomorrow, that we would be rested, bold, and faithful to share what Jesus has already accomplished with the Haitian folks we meet!

2 Corinthians 6:3-10

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  1. Jackie Blaikon Nov 21st 2016 at 6:51 pm

    Thank you so much for the inspirational blog today, and how God orchestrated the long trip for 11 of you!! These blogs are so important for us at home to know specifically how to pray!! I know how hard it is with how tired all of you must be at the beginning of your trip!! May God bless all of you with His words, good health, and protection as you face each new day to accomplish your mission!!

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