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A Whole Lot to Experience – and Share About

Written by Justin Lord, age 17

There’s a whole lot from yesterday to talk about but I’ll try to be reasonably brief.

We didn’t have a good idea of what we were going to be doing heading into Labodrie that morning, other than it would generally be what we would do all day. We pulled up into the village that Nickson, one of our Village Champions, was from, and it was much more rural than where we had been before. That means much more space, bigger houses, more animals, and less job opportunities.

It was Saturday, so the children who could afford to go to school were now outside playing along with those that couldn’t, and it was with these kids that I and the rest of the Plano team spent the morning playing. The Dallas and Fort Worth group spent the time talking to, surveying, and evangelizing with the surrounding households. It was a lot of fun, and it was exhausting, especially because most of us were drinking from our water bottles minimally in an effort to be more sensitive to the surrounding Haitians.

Speaking of water, some of the groups were handing out AquaTabs, which can be used for several weeks to purify water. Due to some miscommunication, not as many were handed out as I wanted, but that ties back in to the lesson for me that we aren’t in control.

After lunch, the groups switched jobs, and thank goodness because I didn’t have much energy left. One kid who I had played frisbee with latched onto me still during Strategic Village Time, and right after he left several other kids came up. So I spent most of SVT holding and giving rides to Haitian boys, including one who had nothing on but a T-shirt. In the end, we all left thoroughly exhausted (2 boys managed to doze off on the noisy, bumpy ride back!), but with a clearer idea of the impact God was using us to create.

Well, gotta go, it’s time for church! TTFN


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