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Love Shared in Action, in Playing, and in Writing

written by Monica DeLeon, Fort Worth member

What an experience it was to worship in Creole yesterday at the Mission of Hope church! As we walked in, we were joined by several Haitian children grabbing our hands to sit with us. The service was a lively two hours long. There is certainly nothing like singing to our Lord in another language. It was awesome to think about how we will one day worship together with people from every tongue, tribe, and nation in heaven!

I had the opportunity to sit with a 15-year-old boy during church who wrote me a note in English asking if I could help pay for him to finish school. We have been instructed not to offer aid on our own but to offer to pray for them, knowing that Mission of Hope has a relationship with these people and can better discern how to help.

I asked him questions and he said that Jesus was his Savior. I also recalled the amazing message we had last Sunday at Watermark, where the pastor from India described speaking to a man in the class of “Untouchables” and telling him that he was made in God’s image. My eyes were full of tears in this moment, recognizing all the needs around us here. I sensed the Holy Spirit directing me to write a note of encouragement back to this boy.

I told him that I thought his English was excellent and that God had great plans for him. I told him to seek to grow in his relationship with Christ and to read the Bible. I told him that I believed that he would grow to be a hard-working man and that he would be a good husband and daddy one day. (He had been surprised earlier to hear that my husband and I have been married for 25 years.)

I’m grateful for the message last Sunday reminding us to love others who may not know how much God loves them. I expected the boy to be upset when he read the note, but instead he squeezed my hand tight. When the service was over, he gave me a big hug before we left. How interesting that God allowed this conversation to happen through written words rather than verbal. I am thankful that the boy could take these words with him as a reminder to combat the lies around him with truth.

In the afternoon, we were able to visit another MOH campus in Bercy to see their school and their newest addition – Grace House. MOH has identified a “reverse orphan problem” in Haiti, where families often abandon care of their elderly for financial reasons and lack of resources. Grace House is now caring for five elderly people with plans to take in more as resources grow.

From there, we continued to Leveque, where we saw the amazing work Mission of Hope has done in building concrete block homes to replace the temporary shelters that were created by Samaritan’s Purse following the earthquake. We were greeted by a rush of small children eager to take our hands and lead us up to the playground. It was such a joy to watch all our children engage with the kids so easily. The Haitian children were swinging, sliding, clapping, and asking to be picked up and held – which our kids loved to do.

Last night ended with a sweet time of worship with our Watermark Church family. Several shared how God was touching their hearts to live differently when they return. These moments away from our daily life are giving us perspective that we can take with us. To God be the glory!


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