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Learning Humility from Haitians


written by Renee Caskey

Yesterday’s Mission of Hope devotional was on humility, and in the midst of my eagerness to serve these beautiful people, they served me.

Here’s the story.

Our team had the opportunity to spend time in our partner village, Titanyen, yesterday. We were scheduled to paint a house for a newly married couple – married just 10 days ago!

When we arrived at the house, I had to use the restroom, so our translator asked the homeowner where I could use the restroom. I was prepared to go behind a bush, road-trip style. Instead, the homeowner walked me safely to his latrine, over hills and near a large hole in the ground. Before we left the house, his new wife handed me a roll of toilet paper (toilet paper is quite a luxury in Haiti).

After I used the restroom, while the neighborhood kids played and giggled, I returned the roll of toilet paper to the homeowner’s wife. She grabbed my hand and led me to their makeshift kitchen. Inside she handed me a bar of soap and poured water on my hands over an old 5-gallon bucket.

I’ve learned over the past few days that the people of Titanyen must walk to a local well to pump water, and being that they live at the top of a hill, that would be a mighty trek. This woman used water she and her husband had labored to obtain to wash my hands! Here I am – at their new house to bless them by painting the walls, and she blessed me by providing toilet paper, soap, and water!

As I said, we had just learned about humility. And this could not have been a better picture of Christ’s love for me than in that moment.



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