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Sunday Worship in Haiti……From Duff and Aidan Bourassa 

Worshipping Jezi in Haiti

It’s Sunday morning in Haiti, and we had the pleasure of worshiping God in a local church. It’s always fun to attend a service that is not in your native tongue, as you don’t quite know how God will speak to you. Just outside the Church, I was greeted by a young boy, he grabbed my hand and led me inside. He was young, but he did his best to translate the worship songs to me-he was such a blessing.

The church was open air, and it was hot, but that didn’t stop the locals from wearing their Sunday best.  Everyone sang and worshiped with so much passion; it was an excellent site to witness.

As the offering plate was passed, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the Widows offering described in Mark 12:41-44. The Haitian people are plagued with poverty, yet everyone in the rows around me gave something to the offering.  It was so encouraging to see their faith lived out.

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