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Bringing Light

We arrived in Haiti on Sunday, and at our destination, Jérémie, all safe and sound Monday morning after two flights, a bus ride, and a boat ride.

Monday was our first day working in a neighborhood in Jérémie that was hit with the hurricane. After the Haitian homeowners put up the rafters, we work with Haiti Bible Mission to screw on the new tin roofs, giving the families

protection from the rain and shelter from the sun, etc.. The Haitians working with us are pros—they couldn’t even tell us how many roofs they had put on because they have lost count.

Looking at the island from our boat, there are far fewer lights than people, a stark contrast to the brightly lit nights in the States. I cannot quite conceive night with so little light, and it makes me think of living without the

light of Christ, without the word, which is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. My prayer is that through the relationships developed and continued through the local church, Christ would change lives and bring light to this dark and heavy place.

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