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New Sight for Joseph (Physically & Otherwise)

Written by Tara on Team 8 (the Medical Team)

On Day 1 at the mobile clinic, we had a young man, Joseph, come to the clinic with a large mass growing on his left eye – one that had caused blindness in that eye and prevented him from being able to shut his eye. Toby, one of our providers, saw him that first day and asked him to come back to the clinic the next day. In the meantime, we began brainstorming options to help this young man get the operation he desperately needs.

The next morning, Joseph was back in the clinic, patiently waiting. By that time, God had helped us locate some available funds to support Joseph in getting his procedure. We sat with Joseph, his aunt, and the village champion to communicate that he would be getting the operation he needs. We prayed for him and then went our separate ways, getting the rest of the clinic started for the day.

I felt unresolved walking away from that conversation, and was encouraged by LeAnne and Colson to follow up and communicate the Why behind our work at the clinic and excitement over God’s provision for Joseph’s operation. I grabbed our translator, and we sat down to talk more with Joseph and his aunt. Long story short, I learned Joseph was orphaned, and his “aunt” took him in despite already having 10 children of her own. The aunt expressed her despair that she was Christian, but Joseph was not. I was able to ask Joseph about what he believed and tried to answer any questions that he and his aunt asked. In the end, we were able to pray for him, and Joseph accepted Christ on 1/16/18.

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