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A Sunday That Truly Meant Rest

By team member Chad Swank

In Dallas, Sundays can be a brief distraction to the busyness of life. But rarely, at least for me, is Sunday a “Sabbath” experience.

Here in Haiti, removed from the trappings of my life in North Texas, I was reminded of what it could be. We rested… and not just resting in the absence of work projects or sporting events or social media, but resting in God’s goodness and mercy.

The day started with corporate praise to our God who is able to save both Americans and Haitians. Our team then decided to spend time together sharing our stories of life transformation. That time has been my favorite so far. I was encouraged by hearing about the power of God to forgive sinners, restore families and relationships, and provide an eternal hope for today and for the world to come.

Lunch was followed by a time of intentionally engaging with other families and teams here at Mission of Hope, as well as with staff and orphans. Our team played basketball, made jewelry and other crafts, and sought to initiate conversations with our “neighbors.” Evening was spent reflecting on all that God has taught us and done through us, and being challenged to be “Village Champions” where God has placed each of us in Dallas. The day ended with fun games of Uno, Farkle, and Mafia.

Rest! Not simply the absence of activities, but the intentional pursuit of loving God and loving others. Jesus calls to us who are weary and heavy laden, and He promises rest. His promises are true.

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