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Video Summary

Take a moment to watch this awesome video summarizing Watermark families serving at Mission of Hope Haiti.

MOH Haiti Video

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Leaving a WaterMARK

Great day yesterday. We drove about an hour into the mountains and served in a remote village named Turpin. We went into a school and split into teams, sharing the gospel in classrooms and praying for new believers.

I was struck by the contrast to life back home – imagine a team of short term missionaries showing up at a school unannounced, being welcomed to interrupt class, sing songs about Christ, share the gospel, invite kids to become believers, and pray over them with the approval of the teacher?

We then came back and presented the second half of our marriage conference. We taught on conflict resolution, communication, and forgiveness, which was very well received. The team did a great job – it’s obvious that past teams from Watermark have “left their mark” and there is much appreciation and respect for our continued service here at Mission of Hope. The associate pastor concluded with welcoming Watermark back to do future marriage conferences, stating that strong marriages and families are a key ingredient to MOH’s ministry platform.

Praying for us all, that the “worries of this life, the deceitfulness of wealth, and the desires for other things” don’t choke the word, making it unfruitful. Mark 4:19


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Just Like Dallas

From Jason Haggard

In the village of Minoteri, I was struck by the struggles that the men of the village face. The struggles were very similar to what I see in West and South Dallas:

1.  High Unemployment
2.  Shortage of Christian leaders and role models
3.  Culture of sin and selfishness

I was encouraged by a couple of men that live in the village and work with Mission of Hope as our interpreters, Patrick and Franzi. Patrick started a ministry that disciples young men and spreads the gospel of Jesus Christ. God tells us in Heb 10:24 “Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward Love and good deeds”  He is also wanting to teach some of the men carpentry skills, but a lack of tools and funding is holding them back. These skills would allow the men to get jobs and support themselves and their families.  That is the very same thing that 2nd Saturday is doing in Dallas.  God is the only one that can change Minoteri, Haiti and Dallas, Texas!  Please pray that God will continue to work in these cities and ministries for His glory.

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Sweetness in the Rain

We know that many of you were praying for us today as we did Day 1 of a marriage conference for our Haitian  brothers and sisters.  Thank you so much for lifting us up!  It was truly an extraordinary evening that did not go as we planned but went perfectly according to His plan.

The primary “complication” of the evening was a huge rainstorm.  The church where the conference was held is a tin roof and at some points in the 2 hours was deafening.  Plus it is open air so we had to huddle on pews away from the exterior walls.  And the rain prevented many from attending because they were walking or riding a tap-tap (taxi).  Plus our primary translator (Ruben) was a bit under the weather.

Add it all up and it was a God-glorifying sweet time with 40 new friends who were very open about their marital challenges (communication, misunderstanding, unfaithfulness…sounds like us, eh?).  And the cool weather was fantastic!  For us, it was our first time to speak through translators and we learned a lot, and are confident God’s message was conveyed in spite of us.  Pray specifically for Kevin, Doug and Wes as they share on Thursday night.

We spent this morning and most of the afternoon painting the inside of new homes in Leveque for our sweet deaf friends.  Their pride of ownership is humbling and their joy evident.  We had several young men pray to receive Christ as well!

On to the mountains tomorrow morning!

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Connecting with People

Greetings friends!  A lot going on here the last two days.  Some of the guys promised to send a blog update in the next day or two so in the interim here’s a quick snapshot:

– On Monday we painted the inside of four recently constructed houses in Leveque.  As strange as it sounds, the tough part was eating lunch because a number of hungry kids were nearby.

– Tuesday morning we walked the village of Simone, praying with residents.  This is the village where the pastor of Church of Hope lives.  There were once 14 voodoo priests there, now only one.  Several residents prayed to receive Christ and we were greatly encouraged.

-In the afternoon we went to Minoteri where two of our translators live.  We again walked the village and ended up at a park where we played basketball, soccer, and did VBS-like activities with roughly 40 kids.  We sustained our first significant injury when Jason decided that playing basketball barefoot was a good idea…he has a healthy slice in the ball of his left foot.  It’s great having Kevin with us to doctor us!

– Tonight Doug got to play in the worship  band at the Church of Hope service. Doug’s observation is that their worship is so rich…it seems to be rooted in a  need and dependence on God that is rejuvenating.

– Kevin worked in the clinic today then went with the mobile clinic to an orphanage and ministered to their needs.

– Dwight spent the afternoon with the prosthetic clinic just visiting and encouraging them.

– Farkels are alive and well.  All the other churches here are now asking us each night what will happen tomorrow!

Pray for strength on Wednesday as we do a work project off campus then start the marriage conference at 5 pm for a good 2.5 hours.  Pray that we serve the attendees well!

Bon Aswe!

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The Rest of the Chicken

Hello friends, family and prayer partners from sunshine filled Haiti!  A beautiful day to see God’s handiwork.

Today we had a great time worshipping at Church of Hope.  The music was noted by Dwight as being a cross between Watermark and the Temptations!  Some of us went to children’s church and others stayed to hear truth preached as if at Watermark.  We toured the MOH campus and blown away by everything God is doing here.

In the afternoon we toured two sites that MOH is building.  One is in Bercy where a school is up and running, and the other in Leveque where 300 homes have been built (on the way to 500).  Recently MOH turned over 40-50 homes to hearing impaired families who are basically outcasts in this society.  They were relocated from City Soleil which is one of the roughest urban areas in Port au Prince.  It was at Leveque that I met Andre, a boy around 8 years old.  As we leaned on the wood railing that marked his front yaneither speaking the other’s language, I pointed out a partially sunk nail and showed him the palm of my hand and he got a big smile and said “Jezi” or Jesus, then said a phrase for “God is good”.  I thought of Matthew 11:25.

Health for the team is good.  Pray for strength in the heat tomorrow as we head out for some construction.  Special prayers for Kevin our PA because he will be working in the clinic all day with the two Haitian doctors.

And Jason wants to know “where is the rest of the chicken”?  (ask us later what this means).

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Thankfulness in ALL Circumstances

Thoughts from the Michael family…

Well here we are wrapping up our time in Haiti leaving first thing in the morning.

We have had an amazing 5 days of loving and serving these wonderful people. As a group we have pushed each other to step outside of our individual comfort zones and be bold for Christ.

There has been much fruit as we have each been impacted by the extreme poverty and difficult living conditions yet met so many content because their hope lies completely in Jesus Christ. Phillipeans 4:12.


The hundreds of children in each village were just begging for love and just wanted us to hold them. Their smiles were amazing. Many were malnourished, with red in their hair and yellowish eyes. The hunger was prevalent. It has been tough but a real opportunity to really trust God. We have prayed with these children, their parents and over their villages. Mission of Hope has given us the opportunity to go into places that we could have never imagined. Knowing the truth that God loves each and every one of these children was the only comfort over the last few days. When we would break and reconvene on the bus to get a drink of water or slap a peanut butter sandwich together, the thought of those hungry children was almost unbearable. But God is sovereign. We are lookking forward to coming back and seeing the progress in these villages. We have a deep personal interest now in this area and we will be praying for them as a family.

Today we visited an orphanage where one couple housed 20 children. He sold his belongings and bought what he needed to start this amazing place. We played games and did skits and held lots of kiddos. Leaving will be tough but will give us an opportunity to really spend time thanking God for all he is doing here in Haiti!

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Nothing Surprises God

From team member Ann Silva…

Psalm 24:1

God is sovereign over all things. Nothing catches Him by surprise.

As we were taking our MOH tour today, we learned about a man from Canada who called the director here and told him he had an ambulance he wanted to donate to MOH.  The director politely declined the request telling the generous donor he felt it would not be put to good use. The donor really insisted that he wanted to have the ambulance shipped because he felt God had put it on his heart to do so.  Not long after this, an EMT called the same director to tell him he wanted to move his family to MOH so he could offer his services.  Again, the director did not think they could use him and again the EMT insisted he wanted to come.  This all happened in the fall of 2009.  In January of 2010, Haiti experienced a devastating earthquake.

What a blessing that God know what we need even before we do.

Another thought after today…

With the Lord, there is no language barrier.

Sharing God’s good news with someone that doesn’t speak your same language can be very difficult.  Today, we spent time in Leveque, the small MOH village we’ve already visited twice before.  A portion of the community is deaf.  I saw two little girls from our group break the language barrier by speaking sign language. You should have seen the smiles on the womens’ faces. They welcomes the chance to communicate, laugh, sing and share life. We did the same thing through music and songs.

“The God of peace will soon crush Satan underneath your feet.”
Romans 16:20

“For nothing is impossible with God.”
Luke 1:37

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A Full Day of Play and Prayer

From the Barnett Family….

Today, we spent our time loving on the kids of Haiti. Playing games, soccer, basketball , football, singing songs , sharing bible stories and the gospel. The whole team, young and old, carried kids on hips, shoulders, backs, one, two and some of us, mainly the McJunkin boys, up to 8 at a time! Some of the kids took us back to their homes to meet their parents which was a wonderful and sobering experience at the same time, it drove home the point that ultimately, we are just like them…. Our hope is in Christ and Christ alone! It has been an amazing time. All of us have been stretched and blessed. We covet your prayers! Tomorrow , we hope to see many of our new friends at church! On a humorous note, did you know they sing and dance  the hokey pokey here in Haiti? Well, they do, young and old, Haitian and American , put their whole selves in and their selves out!

David, Holly, Emily and Daniel

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Family Trip Photo Report

From team leader John McGee

Our first full day in Haiti has already been a rewarding and joyous day of serving Gods people. We spent the day in Leveque painting houses and collecting trash around the village. We played soccer, introduced duck duck goose and had some great God honoring conversations with the Haitians. We have been encouraged by the way Mission of Hope has established relationships with the people of Leveque and continues to enhance the kingdom of God. We look forward to seeing our friends in Leveque tomorrow!

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