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A Skit for All Languages; a Truth for All Times

Written by Jeanie Cox

Storytelling comes easy. Segues to the Gospel come with age. Being able to do that in a foreign language gets a little more tricky.

As Rick and I started to plot out the roles for this year’s family trip to Haiti, he tasked me with “whatever we do with the kids during village time… you know, like when we did the storytime at the orphanages on the last two trips… you know – songs, Bible story, activity.”

Well, it struck me that we’d be there on Valentine’s Day, and I am a theme kind of gal. Knowing that wisdom has many counselors, I consulted the wonderful and awesome Pam McGee for what had worked on their last few trips. She wisely suggested that we do some songs in Creole, as it had deeply blessed their team for these Haitian orphans – who could not speak any English – to stand and sing praise songs to our team in our own native tongue.

That conversation did not quite prepare me for the Haitian kids’ “stand and deliver” version of our National Anthem in full voice as well as our Pledge of Allegience. These incredible, barefoot, barely-clad beauties singing our songs to the top of their lungs actually shamed me. Had I attempted much more than a simple Google of “Lord, I Lift your Name on High” in their language, simply sharing that with our teammates as a “This would be nice to have ready to share?!?” Thankfully, David Silva had taken the task in hand and had lots of lyrics and tunes figured out.

Note to self: Be ready to respond when you head to Haiti and know at least a few of their praise and worship songs by heart.

Now for the storytelling: From long ago, in a former life of youth ministry, I vaguely recall a mime skit of a gal giving her heart to Jesus. She is then lured away by a boy, who handles her heart recklessly and leaves her broken. Jesus comes in and puts it back together for her. Voila!!!

I loved the idea of a silent skit, so there would be no translation. On previous trips, we were struck with the wide spectrum of ages present in the orphanages, as well, so we wanted to move away from a “Bible story time” feel. Since we would be celebrating Valentine’s Day in Haiti, I thought it would be great to double-down on God’s love being greater than man’s as a theme for our time. So as I began to search the World Wide Web for this skit, God, in His sweet mercy to me and my technological ignorance, led me to an incredible skit by Revolution. It was strong, powerful, and perfect for Haiti… BUT could a group of mostly middle schoolers carry it off? No harm in asking.

We sent out the skit to our faithful little band of family members… and did they respond! Everyone jumped in and, as God would have it, there was a part for everyone. What strikes me most about this is how clearly and effectively it captures how we all so quickly turn aside to lesser gods and how He always comes to our rescue as we cry out to Him in prayer. Note that we cannot get back any other way than humbling ourselves and calling on His Name in prayer. Then He swiftly comes to wield His resurrection power on our behalf.

Timeless, transcending all languages and cultural barriers, and just as true today as it has been for centuries past. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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Joy in the Midst of Hardship

Written by Eric and Owen Lakey


It is a question I have asked myself many times after my son Owen was born with spina bifida. Spina bifida is a birth defect that has impacted Owen’s physical abilities in several ways. The most significant is that he can’t stand on his own and uses a wheelchair fulltime. My wife and I have wrestled long and hard with God on the answer to that question. Over his 11 years, Owen has also wrestled with that question. And while we don’t have a full answer to that question, God has shown us again and again that He can be trusted in everything, even hard circumstances like being in a wheelchair.

But this week, we were not the ones asking “Why?”

It was the children we had come to serve in an orphanage in Titanyen, Haiti. During a time of free play, a group of children gathered around Owen and asked why he was in a wheelchair. With the help of a translator and some transition questions from me, Owen explained a little about spina bifida and what life is like in a wheelchair. He shared that it is hard for him sometimes when other kids are playing sports that he can’t play. He also shared that he can still have joy today because he knows that someday he will be in heaven with Jesus and be able to walk. Owen then explained that he knows he is going to heaven because he believes that Jesus died for his sins on the cross and has accepted Him as his Savior.

Owen’s wheelchair is normally something that makes him different from other kids. But today, God used Owen’s wheelchair to build a bridge to a bunch of kids that have experienced significant hardships.

This same story played out twice on the streets of Titanyen yesterday. Each time a crowd of people got to hear from an eleven year-old boy about how he has joy in the midst of hardship because of his relationship with Jesus – and that this same joy is available to them through Christ. I wasn’t the one asking “Why?” today, but I was not oblivious to the not-so-soft whispering from God reminding me that Owen is God’s masterpiece and He has created him anew in Christ Jesus, so that Owen can do the good things He planned for him long ago (paraphrased from Ephesians 2:10).

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House to House, Hands and Hearts

As often happens in Haiti, the internet is have some difficulties, but we did get word that the team spent the whole day yesterday in Titanyen (Watermark’s partner village). The group members went door-to-door through the village promoting community health, and talks with families about clean hands led to discussions of clean hearts, too!

Here’s another team picture:


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Haiti Family Trip is Underway! Prayer Calendar and First Trip Photo

The Family Trip has safely arrived in Haiti. Below is a picture of the team at the airport this morning, as well as a link to the trip’s prayer calendar (which includes names of the trip members). Thank you for praying for them over the next several days!

Feb 2015 Family Haiti prayer calendar


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