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…Until They Know How Much We Care

Here’s the first blog we’ve gotten from the Single Adults team in Haiti, written by Aaron Young. (The internet – and time to write – are always a little unpredictable down there. The photo is from the airport on the way to Haiti.)

Process matters.

Today was our first field day in Haiti, and we experienced first-hand the truth that people really don’t care what you know until they know you care.

We were the first group from Mission of Hope to go into the village of Robert in Archaie to do “ministry reconnaissance.” We went to gather the general sentiment of the people – such as where they are spiritually, how much access their kids have to education, if they have access to health care, etc. Mission of Hope’s vision is to bring life transformation to every man, woman, and child in Haiti under the leadership of Jesus Christ. And so, the gospel is to be present in all steps of the process.

As my team approached the first house, the translators told us the homeowner didn’t want to accept Christ today. We quickly found out that a part of our team had started off by asking her if she knew Christ and if she wanted to accept Him today. Since her answer had been No, our translators told us we should move onto the next house. But we told them we wanted to continue speaking with her to get to know her. Throughout the next hour, we were able to articulate the gospel and two personal stories, but for much of the time, the lady of the house had her arms crossed. We were not able to make much headway with her, but were able to pray for her infirm lower leg.


Our afternoon activities proved to be more successful in terms of connecting with the villagers. We were able to use a more indirect method. We first built up a rapport with them before diving into their spiritual health. Though our intention both that morning and in the afternoon was to love well, our strategy change for the afternoon proved to be more successful in building a relationship with people. We worked to find a common bond rather than try to get a salvation conversion right away.


The Gospel can be something boldly declared, but when we can, we want to get to know the person, develop a relationship, see if there are connections, and continue to invest in the person. That’s what Paul did when he revisited his converts. It is a privilege to be a small part of Mission of Hope where we can be one of the many touches, knowing this local sending station and future teams will be back. The Gospel is not a short-term investment. God’s mission is not a short-term work but a long-term investment.

This is not the end of the story for these families. Pray with us that the people we visited today will soon be fellow worshipers our great Lord and Savior.



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